Animal Hide and Seek: Free Hidden Objects App Reviews

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Too many ads

I will not be using this as an add pops up all the time. My three year old granddaughter can not play this sitting by me at the table with out me having to delete adds every 2 minutes or so. Very discouraging. Why are the ads here?....sure does not keep me interested in the products when I need to keep deleting them.

Too many advertisements

Too many pop up advertisements. This is for children. Why the need to add them?

Animal hide and seek

Great for toddler on ipad. Great customer support. Thanks.

Great kid app

My 15 month son loves finding the animals. The sounds they make when he finds them make him laugh hysterically. Definitely a great toddler app.

Cute fun for toddlers

Both my 2 and 4 year olds like this game. Finding the animals gets harder as it goes on.


I have a grandson with 4p chromosome disorder. He is 4 and is still nonverbal. He loves his iPad and when they were introducing hidden objects in his preK classes I found this app. This is his favorite game on my mini. My only issue is on one certain screen with elephant in the middle behind a bush it will not pop out.

Love the game but doesn't work on 3GS

This is and has been my daughters favorite game for a couple months. She uses my old iPhone 3GS, but after one of the recent "updates", it no longer works on the 3GS. I have the new iPad and a 4S and it works on those, but she can't play it on her phone anymore. I wish I hadn't "updated" it.

Didn't work

Was unable to play for free as stated, right away I was asked to pay 99 cents

Animal find

This is really good for ore schoolers

Would have been a great game

Had the chance to check it out just once, then on trying the first update after install it froze on loading and that was the end of it. Now I can't get off my update list, use it or uninstall it from my iPad.

Error on load, unusable

Still getting a Marmalade heap memory error upon launch. App is completely unusable.

Update does not work

My kids did love this game until the latest update. After the update the app crashes on startup with memory errors. Do not purchase this app until this problem has been resolved!

Great app!

My 2 year old grandson loves finding the animals! It is a great app, and doesn't require buying anything! Thank you so much!

Hidden Animals for kids

I was playing on my I phone and it's just too small to find whatever you are looking for! I couldn't make my screen any bigger then what it is normally ! So I can not give it any more then two stars! I got this app for my special needs daughter and I just know she would not be able to play!

Free and great

My kids love it


Great game for kids!

Son loves it!👶👶👶👶

My son loves it now he thinks my I phone is his.its hard to limit with this kid.

keeps my kid busy for a while

Cute animals. Easy to find even for a toddler. Kid likes it. Would be nice if they added some voice to guide the kids, like, you know, Well Done!

Ads, small hit targets make it hard for kids

Often only a very small area of an animal is showing, making it okay to find, but very hard to touch. After ever level is a full-screen ad for another app, and it's not clear that's what it is.

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